About Us

Hello, my name is Jess and I am the founder of Core Fertility. Our company has been carefully developed since 2022 and officially established in 2023. My passion lies in assisting women on their path to motherhood. The inspiration for creating Core Fertility stems from my personal struggles with trying to conceive. In 2019, I tragically lost my 17-month-old daughter. Shortly after her passing, I discovered that I was pregnant again with another little girl. However, this pregnancy was not without complications as my unborn daughter was diagnosed with trisomy 21. Despite the heartbreaking losses and ongoing grief, my desire to become a mother again never wavered. Yet, the journey to conception proved to be much more challenging than anticipated.

With irregular menstrual cycles and extended periods of confirmed anovulation we turned to tracking ovulation which required a substantial investment of both time and financial resources. Eventually, we were blessed with our now three-year-old daughter. Three years later, we were met with the surprise of expecting identical twins, only to face yet another heartbreaking loss in the early stages of pregnancy. Determined not to end our parenthood journey on another loss, we embarked on trying to conceive again in 2023. Through the use of Core Fertility's ovulation tests, we successfully became pregnant with our last baby.

Throughout our journey, I realized that the New Zealand market lacked quality and affordable bulk ovulation tests. Recognizing this gap, Core Fertility was born. We understand the considerable financial burden that comes with trying to conceive, and it is our mission to alleviate that pressure for families. We are dedicated to providing high-quality ovulation and pregnancy tests that are both effective and accessible, helping individuals navigate the challenges of fertility with confidence and peace of mind.